Full Name
Gary Brown
Job Title
Talent Dynamics

Gary Brown is the CEO and Owner of Talent Dynamics and in his career in television news, he has done literally everything.   From shooting, editing, reporting, live shots (yes he did one from a chopper once!) to producing, management, to two corporate roles, he was even a talent agent, if there is a job in broadcast television, Gary Brown has done it.   Now he applies his years of contacts, eye for talent, insight in the business of television for the benefit of Talent Dynamics clients and the job seekers throughout our industry.    

For Gary his career started at WTVG in his hometown of Toledo Ohio in 1988 as a sports intern while in high school!   After graduating from Kent State and working in various producer and executive producer roles across the country, Brown was named news director at WTOV in Steubenville Ohio at the age of 25!    At the time he was one of the youngest news managers in the country.   Gary’s career came full circle back to Toledo when he launched the news operation for the Fox affiliate, WUPW.   It is also where he met Patrick McCreery, co-owner of Talent Dynamics.    After Toledo, Brown’s news director career took him to Providence, Hartford, San Diego.  It was in San Diego another pivotal moment, when his former owner, Sandy DiPasquale called him and said he was buying a tv group and would Gary like to interview for a GM role or VP of News.   Brown said VP of News and the rest was history, he went through almost five years of learning the business of tv during the recession of 2008 and 2009.   Then, another pivot to being a talent agent for five years and then another career defining moment.   Patrick McCreery called and said he was getting promoted and would Brown replace him as the VP of News with Meredith’s Local Media Group.    In that role he oversaw news, marketing, digital and oversaw the creation and launch of People Magazine’s People the TV Show! The show ran for almost two years.   When Meredith was sold in 2021, Gary was forced to pivot as his role ended and that is when he and Patrick McCreery formed Glass City Talent, LLC to purchase Talent Dynamics in June 2022.   Since then, the mission has been to build on the legacy of the company and evolve our industry leading database and on-camera performance training. That mission continues today.

Gary Brown